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Land Preservation is Vital for Future Generations

In 2014 the concept of a permaculture farm was introduced to the farming community in my county. I am remembering asking the USDA agencies and county commissioners for a farm tax exception and everyone thought I was crazy. I was asked during my inspection where are the rolls of plants so it may be counted for a projection of number of crops I will yield. They only understood monoculture way of farming. Where the trees are removed and a open field was the only way of farming with an expensive irrigation system. The idea of crops growing together in cluster (polyculture) in a forest setting where everything was green was not possible. The biggest shock of all was that no irrigations system was required. Impossible was their point of view and I was denied. Today within the past decade and the acceptance of climate change, and shortage of food more individual are seeking to own a permaculture farm. The biggest challenge is the land is becoming scarce and most states continue their acceptance of justifying the destruction of land for development for tax revenue. So, the idea of conservation of land fall under deaf ears. The states continue to turn over the land for development. It's clear that when it comes to land special interest seems to always have their way.

Now the federal government is doing the opposite of what the states do. They are asking the people for ideas and opinions. Whatever is the government agenda the people have an opportunity to voice their opinions. So, I ask that you send this link to everyone you know and voice your opinion and help protect our federal land. TAKE ACTION

The Picture above is what a food forest permaculture farm should look like. "Food glorious Food"

Make your opinion count.

The time is now to voice your opinion and let the government and states know "land Preservation is Vital for Our Future Generation.

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