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Permaculture methods can be the best solution for nutritional foods and our environment!

With all the pollutants and chemical toxins used for decades, it's no surprise that 16,000 scientists have signed petitions to bring awareness to the damages we have done to the environment. Unfortunately, businessmen have ignored this problem for their own business benefits.

In this generation, we are worrying more about making money rather than protecting our environment. Animals are losing their homes due to new properties being built. What happened to saving the environment? Have businessmen and construction workers even thought about these animals and their homes? What if animals destroyed our habitats?

We must take notice when our existence is based on the survival of the earth and every living creature that exists. We are part of an eco-system that is perfect, and any alterations or modifications affects the future generations and our future existence.

This is why permaculture exists and the methods used to protect and conserve nature. As well as the earth itself. Permaculture does not alter or modify, but rather teaches us to observe nature and respect the relationship that exist with all living things. We must learn from nature in order to save it.

This relationship "in one with nature" has existed since the beginning of time. Where the environment has provided and fulfilled all of man's needs. Now, the environment needs our help so that it can survive and continue to provide us with natures food and medicine.

In order to do this, we must spread the word about permaculture to all nations and bring back the forest where food and medicine can strive again. This is what we share and are doing here at the Laulima farms. It's no longer about depleting our land to maximize the yield for profit. It's about preserving our environment, so our future generations can enjoy all that is living and help themselves live a healthy, happy life being part of a living eco-system.

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