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Support Real Food

We rely on your support and from the local community in order to operate. Please visit us on Saturdays to take a tour, pick up some farm-fresh produce, or visit the donation page to support our efforts.

Things To Do


We are always looking for people to come down to the farm and help us out on Saturdays. Please get in touch with us to find out about volunteer opportunities on the Agro-forest farm.

Summer Program

Registrations are OPEN!



Summer Camp is started June 5th! Our summer camp provides great outdoor resources where you and your children can learn and be a part of nature. Your children shouldn't be in a school setting during the summer! Have your children experience the beautiful outdoors.

Events & Experiences

Invite us to your next event or experience nature at the farm.

Please call 561-425-9600

ext: 709

We will bring the farm to you at your next event. Have your event with some fresh tea brews, jams, bread, fruits, etc. We hope to see you at your next event!

Adult Program

We offer three programs at our site:

Permaculture 101

Gardening 101

Organic Cooking 101

*Details are on our program page* 

COVID-19 Safety

 We take COVID-19 safety very seriously. We provide sanitary stations around our site. We recommend masks in the classroom. If anyone has COVID-19 symptoms please stay home and call 561-425-9600 ext: 709

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