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The South Florida Permaculture Resource Center is an organization that networks with several farms for the mission of teaching about different types of permaculture projects and providing food for the local community in need.


We work with several churches, Buddhist temples, community groups, and local governments to create a network of community permaculture garden sites, where they are needed to provide freely available foods in local communities. We also run our own farms and offer classes, tours, and sell at farmers' markets in order to finance these charity garden projects.

Our other major program is advising relief workers in third-world countries, teaching people how they can grow high-quality foods in sustainable ways. Nutrition in these areas is poor, and the conventional relief programs are pushing chemical fertilizers and GMOs as the answer to the food-growing problems in these areas. We take a different approach, we use permaculture and regenerative agriculture practices to set up sustainable long-term systems to create an abundance of food in these impoverished areas. With few or no inputs, and no GMOs we can feed the world.

Project Locations

West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic



All of our  project locations in the United States are registered as Certified Wildlife Habits by the National Wildlife Federation.


George Soria
Chairman & Founder

George Soria is the Chairman and founder of the South Florida Permaculture Resource Center a division of 47 Million Reasons Healthcare Movement a non-profit 501C3 organization. He has been involved in healthcare his whole professional career, and believes permaculture returns us back to a harmony with nature, self-sustaining world , and a healthier wholesome life for all to live. Permaculture addresses all the elements of life we need today. It fulfills our most basic needs for a healthier body, mind, and soul. Our focus is to educate others. He is an entrepreneur giving back helping those in need. The 47 Million Reasons Healthcare Reform Movement began in 2009.  

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